A VERY simple dice game for very simple people.


KtOG is a simple dice-based combat game for 2 or more players created by Nate and his friends in the 1980s. You can read some more about the history of KtOG here. In the game, each player attempts to ‘Kill the Other Guy(s)’ by ‘rolling to hit’ (using a 20 sided die), ‘doing damage’ (using a 6 sided die), and employing the various skills and spells afforded to each player at opportune times during play in order to win the game by reducing all other players to 0 ‘hit points’. The rules have been posted here as a reference in the hope that they may provide some hours of fun for other folks as well. If you decide to play, it might make it easier if you print out the game sheet to keep track of your stats during play.